The Pack by Daisy was founded by Abby Alliman as an alternative to traditional doggie daycare.  While daycare certainly works well for some dogs, Abby’s mission is to provide a service for pups who crave extended outdoor time in smaller groups with friends they know - all without binding pet parents to specific drop-off and pickup times.  

After spending her entire 17 year career behind a desk in a corporate setting, Abby knew she was ready for a change.  She yearned to spend as much time as she could outdoors with her dog, Daisy, and pondered how she could turn that coveted time into a full-time career.  And with that, the seed for a new business idea was planted. What if there were a service that could come to your home, collect your furbaby, and take them out to live their best life in the great outdoors? What if that same service paired your pup with carefully selected playmates to help build their socialization skills and truly elevate their recreational time? From long woodland walks to energetic romps at the park, The Pack by Daisy is happy to build a play experience that best fits the unique needs of your pup.

Abby grew up in rural Fauquier County, Virginia, where she helped care for animals both big and small (just ask her about Ernest, her childhood goat!). She graduated with a BA in Political Science from the University of Virginia and previously worked in recruiting and sales for a number of DC’s biggest businesses. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with Daisy, supporting the Wahoos and UVA athletics, and playing armchair detective for 48 Hours Mysteries.